Tulip Bar and Restaurant


Happy World Vegan Day folks!

A friend and I had the pleasure of attending this special event on Thursday at Tulip Bar and Resturant, with guest chef Gad Assayag. I’ve never been there before but my friend Katie booked for us – it was really nice inside and our waiter was a joy. I hadn’t seen the menu prior to arriving, how amazing is it?! No choosing dishes, it was $65 for everything (except drinks of course). I loved that the dishes were made to share – the epitome of veganism to me; kindness. There was a great variety of vegan wines. And within minutes the first course started coming out.


I enjoy the simple things in life; that cashew and soybean oil butter was simply the best, on quality sourdough with Mt Zero olives. The crackers were crunchy and the avocado puree super light and creamy – a texture sensation. The tastes of the ocean dish was just that. I’d not had silken tofu in a dish since using it instead of firm tofu when I was newly vegan. It was delicious, I really enjoyed the mushrooms, but all the different flavours complimented each other so well, including the crunch of the sea succulents, especially if, like me, you love those alkalised flavours! I should mention I had been in a conference in Melbourne all afternoon and hadn’t had a chance to eat lunch so there was a party getting started in my mouth by this point!

2016-10-20-20-05-34 I’m a huge fan of beets and vegan panna cotta is pure luxury, the hazelnuts completed the texture amazingly. Slightly more impressive was the smoked eggplant (but I think we got zucchini) on a bed of hearty garlic gravy. The mint and beans dressing it kept the party in my mouth alive and well. Unsure what the green sauce was but it gave a nice subtle kick.



So by this point I’m thinking my taste buds have reached their limit – then these come out. And Katie said I couldn’t say the carrots were my favourite, but wow they were close, in their organicness with macadamias and dates. Again, both texture and flavour ranges on point. The grain, cauliflower and almond salad I loved, I could eat this sort of thing day in, day out, I’d say it was the most filling thing of the night. Then, the baked celeriac. Now I’d gotten celeriac’s from work a few months ago and had not been able to figure out what to do with them! Our waiter said this baby was baked in flour and salt. Bedded on mushroom veloute (a typically french and very un-vegan sauce) and garnished with fried kale. Katie likened it to Christmas roast lunch – so hearty.


This was the incredible dessert (my camera didn’t cope very well with the dimmed lighting). Everyone loves dessert, this was naturally sweet from the flavours of the berries whilst the chocolate balanced it out. As every dish that came before, the textures were perfect. As you might have noticed in the comments (and we asked them personally), they are hoping to host another #tulipgoesvegan, so don’t despair if you missed it! We were heartened to hear that this event had the best turn out of any special event they’ve hosted.

Compliments to the chef,

Meg x


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