WoodHouse Cafe


Aside from Lavish Cafe, Belmont has traditionally not had much in the way of cute cafes. Then Freckleduck, from the Geelong city, gave us this – Woodhouse Cafe. I love Freckleduck (though I haven’t blogged it yet) and Woodhouse Cafe has all the same things to love.

Blink and you’ll miss it, its tucked in between business, roughly opposite Lavish Cafe. Then when you walk in it’s striking how big it is inside, and as hip as something you would expect from something with roots in central Geelong.

Pat and I have gotten into a kind of Saturday morning 11AM brunch ritual. At this point, I can only make time for yoga on Saturday mornings and since footy season has recently ended Pat has been running most Saturday mornings. We were looking for something to break the fast. My friend had told me about their vegan bircher muesli the night before (yep, vegans just constantly discuss food just about), that it was slightly beyond her sweetness threshold, but there was a breakfast board with a vegan option that included it. I’d had the breakfast board at Freckleduck previously and absolutely loved it as breakfast foods are my favourite. Just having the option to request it to be made vegan from the menu is such a luxury – no need to chop and change and the reassurance there isn’t going to be any confusion.

The coffee was good. And Pat and I both ordered the breakfast board, his without the vegan option (boo) (more on dating an omnivore to come). I expected it to be enjoyable but not overly filling… But it was a party in my mouth AND super satisfying. We were both SO full. We’ll definitely go back for it again. And it was made even better, bae shouted me.


Meg x


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