The Cottage (Pakington Cottage Cafe & Gallery)

Yesterday, slightly hung over, my friends and I went looking for something to eat at 11AM. My friend said she’d been to The Cottage and it was really nice, but I’d never seen or heard of it. Once I stepped inside of the tiny looking cottage I was surprised how spacious, stylish and warm it was inside. Once seated I was slightly panicked when I realised that this was a really big-breakfast, farm-style cafe, however I spotted the V word on the menu. A salad and a burger, not bad. Naturally, I ordered the quinoa and black bean burger, minus mayo and cheese added avo and relish, as advised on the menu. The coffee was great and I was stoked when this handsome burger arrived:

2016-05-28 11.55.34

To leave no doubt about the magnitude of how awesome this burger was, here’s a side shot:

2016-05-28 12.03.08

The layer of mixed fresh herbs on the bottom made it so flavoursome and the denseness of the patty made it super satisfying. After rolling out of The Cottage, I didn’t eat again until 7PM.

9.5/10 – would recommend. This place has something for everyone.


Meg x


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