Amateur Smoothie Bowls

I’ve been there through the blend-or-not-to-blend debate and formed a few opinions:

  • Juicing is not the same as blending, I agree with the people that say you’re better to eat the orange rather than juice it and throw away the fiber (but if its really OJ you desire, freshly squeezed trumps store bought!)
  • Smoothies are kinda unsatisfying. I’m a breakfast person, chewer and someone who considers a liquid meal somewhat the equivalent to food deprivation.
  • A masseuse once told me (mid-massage) that if you are having green smoothies, you should simulate chewing as this sends the message to the brain to prepare for digestion, drinking does not and so not as much nutrient is absorbed. I never actually researched that but seems legit. The only thing is, its difficult to remember to chew something that doesn’t need chewing and you feel a bit daft doing it.
  • Ella started doing it so it must be good.

I’ve been on the smoothie bowl bandwagon for a few weeks now and truly, it makes me feel like a goddess. Not only can I start my day having ticked off three foods in my daily dozen, including berries, one or two other fruits and flaxseeds, but I take the time to prepare myself something with love. I value myself enough to do that! And I get the chew – bonus.

2016-03-21 09.33.28

The above smoothie shares the base ingredients of all of these smoothie, as I’m a creature of habit, which are frozen or fresh banana, almond milk and flaxseed. In this bowl I added frozen black berries and dressed in oats, chia and some shredded almond I was given.

2016-03-22 09.07.43

I think with this one I used frozen blueberries instead of blackberries and garnished with leftover pomegranate.

2016-03-31 10.06.03

This dark and mysterious baby is either black or blue berries plus acai powder, which I inherited due to end of used by date from a health food store. I got creative and added shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds. I think this is my favourite visually and taste-wise.

2016-04-05 08.37.00

I got 10 kiwi fruit for $2 at the market on Sunday! I threw two in the blender, some green powder (I use barley-grass, but wheat-grass and Spirulina all have an infinite number of health benefits) and cashews for creaminess and yet another kiwi for garnish. If you’re not at the stage of having spinach or kale in your smoothies then kiwi and green powder is the next best thing.

You can use other liquids such as soy, rice or oat milk or coconut water. And the garnishes are endless, the highest creativity level I’ve achieved is goji berries.

Lemme know of your favourites,

Meg x


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