Nourish’d Eatery

Generally when we go back to Horsham to visit family, there’s not a lot I can buy to have on the road, and if I can, it’s fairly uninteresting. On our most recent visit, we stopped to check out the new café everyone was talking about. I had barely believed Pat when he’d told me a few days earlier that there was a new cafe serving up vegan options – introducing Nourish’d Eatery on 34 Roberts Avenue, open 8-3 Monday to Friday (from 7AM on Thursday and Friday as well as 8-2 on Saturday.

2016-03-12 12.28.04

Basically, I could have a large or a small plate of anything. I opted for half zucchini carbonara with cashew and tomato “cheese” and half quinoa, sweet potato, red capsicum with lemon zesty salad. I got some kim chi on top for good measure. Pat’s Moroccan chickpea and roast carrot salad was great also!

2016-03-12 12.34.51 (2)

All the salads available were not only vegan but all sourced from local organic farmers, all in season too of course!

2016-03-12 12.34.38

We visit every time we’re in the ‘sham.

2016-09-03 13.01.34

There ferment varies and health books are a stand out for me!

2016-11-12 13.08.53

It’s so exciting to see this local, organic, mostly wholefood plant-based food movement catching on. I was so heartened to see that even in a small country town, where veganism is a radical and strange concept, people were lining up on the door to get in and try some.

The vegan raw desserts are always on point, noteworthy mention to the doughnuts and amazing range of tea lattes.

2016-09-03 13.24.47

I honestly can’t get enough of the place.


Meg x


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