Nourish’d Eatery

Generally when we go back to Horsham to visit family, there’s not a lot I can buy to have on the road, and if I can, it’s fairly uninteresting. On our most recent visit, we stopped to check out the new café everyone was talking about. I had barely believed Pat when he’d told me a few days earlier that there was a new cafe serving up vegan options. Basically, I could have a large or a small plate of anything. I opted for half zucchini carbonara with cashew and tomato “cheese” and half quinoa, sweet potato, red capsicum with lemon zesty salad. I got some kim chi on top for good measure. Pat’s Moroccan chickpea and roast carrot salad was great also!

2016-03-12 12.34.51 (2)

Although the menu implies you have to add meat to get your protein, I really loved the place! All the salads available were not only vegan but all sourced from local organic farmers! Frankly, I’d be prepared to pay more than I did for such high quality food. It’s so exciting to see this local, organic, mostly plant-based food movement catching on. I was so heartened to see that even in a small country town, where veganism is a radical and strange concept, people were lining up on the door to get in and try some.


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