Dolly’s Sister Vegan Cafe & Bar

I am so lucky to live in Geelong, the second biggest city in Victoria, Australia. With the greater population comes greater dining variety. Usually I could go just about anywhere and have at least one vegan option, then Dolly’s Sister arrived last year! Little did I know, the cafe and bar was the result of fantastic public reception of Simply Vegan Cuisine’s “Dolly Bus”, that is, Australia’s first fully vegan mobile food van which usually set up shop in Barwon Heads.

The first time I went with my bestie Ella, not used to so many options, we lusted over the menu for at least 30 minutes. Then I ordered the scrambled tofu and forgot to mention I didn’t want the peanut sauce on top *facepalm (peanut allergy).  Ella’s dish was amazing though! And even though this was last year, I still remember the taste of the carrot cake and the (cashew) cheese cake – so amazing!


Recently, I needed a good lunch and went across town just for Dolly’s. I couldn’t look past the mushroom panini and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It seriously hit the spot! I’m not sure what the dressing on the salad was but in rivalled the goodness of the panini itself.


I try to eat solely whole foods so going to Dolly’s and having a panini with cruelty-free melted cheese on it is a real treat. It’s literally tastes no different to conventional products, which are inherently cruel. This place is definitely for people who think vegan food is too alternative or too bland – this is neither.

Be prepared to try something different – when I was in here last enjoying the meal above, a women asked to order a skinny cap. She was kindly told that being a vegan cafe, you can have soy, almond or rice milk but no calf milk. I love that they practice what they preach. The are hard line cruelty-free. That may sound negative and exclusive if you don’t understand veganism. But for me, it is  so refreshing. There is a place I can go where compassion is the underlying principle of every bite.

Thank you Steve and Lisa.

I celebrated my 22nd birthday at Dollys, their burger was a popular all-rounder – so much so it was eaten before I could get a photo of it! That night I also tried their famous flan:

2016-04-30 21.14.18

I have also enjoyed two of their raw options, the raw veggie stack:

2016-06-04 20.13.18

And their zucchini linguine:

2016-03-23 12.33.45

Dolly’s Sister often host vegan movie nights and Friday nights are pizza nights! Get in and support this vegan cafe, they are located on Moorabool Street in Geelong or in the Dolly bus in Torquay opposite the Surf Coast Plaza.

Meg x


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