Easy Homemade Almond Milk


2016-03-07 20.30.09

As milk and bread is about the only thing I go to the supermarket for now (having recently discovered the joy of farmers markets) I’ve been wanting to make my own almond milk for a while. Though I’m a soy latte kinda gal, I use almond milk for just about everything else. I always bought the Australian Organic Certified almond milk from the supermarket, paying between $3-$4, knowing it was only about 2.5% almonds (the rest, water). I believed it to be too time consuming and messy, soak and straining almonds. But when I woke up yesterday morning with nothing to have for breakfast, it occurred to me that the tonne of almond meal I recently inherited from my housemates could be used to cut corners. With a quick google search, sure enough, I was in business.

I  used about half a cup of almond meal and two cups of water, adding a little more of each to reach desired portion. I added a handsome amount of cinnamon and a dollop of organic maple syrup, then blended until smooth. The whole process took less than 30 seconds, cost me virtually no money, has a higher almond content than any brand you could purchase and tastes all the sweeter! Give it a try! You could also use vanilla pods, dates or any other sweet thing your heart desires. After a few hours, a sediment will develop, you can either strain through cheesecloth or refrigerate and shake well before use.


Meg x


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