“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” – Gary L. Francione

My name is Meg. I’m a 23 year old psychology graduate. I’m also someones girlfriend, daughter, sister and helping hand through addiction but the choices I make about how I live my life means I fit within another category; the ever growing group of people practicing ethical veganism. This blog contains my thoughts, helpful resources and most importantly, delicious vegan recipes.

The concept behind the name Thoughtful Vegan originates from veganism, for me at least, encompassing deep thought and adherence to personal principles and values.  I believe the choice to live this way is the logical end for people who value their health, the environment and the rights of animals. My thoughts about each of these things radically changed the more I learnt about ethical veganism and my life has been enriched by living by this way.

The following are some of topics I have written about so far, but I will continue to write more about similar issues or topics by request.

My Story and Some Basic Concepts

Disease and Other Health Risks Associated with Meat and Dairy Consumption
Food as Medicine
But Where Do You Get Your Protein?
But I’ve Heard Soy Products Are Bad For You?

The Environmental Impact: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
The Environmental Impact: Water and Oceans
The Environmental Impact: Land and Deforestation
The Environmental Impact: Animal and Food Waste
I Could Go Vegetarian for the Environment, But Veganism is Just Too Far!
C’mon! What’s Wrong with Honey?!
But from an Evolution Perspective, Aren’t we Omnivores?
Do You Honestly Believe You’re Going To Make A Difference?
Other Tried and True Strategies to Preserve Mother Earth: Inside Your Home

Other Tried and True Strategies to Preserve Mother Earth: Outside Your Home


Animal Justice: Domestic Animals
Animal Justice: Fish and Other Seafood
Animal Justice: Milk and Other Dairy Products
Animal Justice: Birds and Eggs
Animal Justice: Cows and Other Land Animals

Animal Justice: Game and Trophy Hunting and Poaching
Animal Justice: Animals as Clothing, Entertainment and Science
Social Justice
Climate Justice

The Psychology of Food Choices and Behaviour Change
Could You Just Pick The Meat Out? And Other Social Misunderstandings

Are You a Preachy/Angry/Annoying/Strict/Extremist (Insert Other Offensive Word) Vegan?

Is Your Partner Vegan?
Is it Unethical to Raise Children/Pets Vegan?
But How Do You Even Know It’s All True? And the Different Approaches to Veganism
Living By Your Values
Being Brave


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